Romeo y Julieta No 3 Review

Cigar Aficionado has consistently rated the Romeo y Julieta No.3 highly and scores in the nineties for this cigar are not uncommon. This hand-made hermoso no.4 is 127 mm long with a ring gauge of 48. This high selling vitola comes with a solid reputation as an aromatic, medium to strong smoke with excellent combustion. The drink partnering this cigar for the review is the new Platinum Blonde low-carb beer. Incidentally this beer has just been launched as a private label by the Woolworths supermarket chain in an effort to capture 10% of the $420 million low carb beer market by the end of the Australian summer. Anyway.. on with the review!

Romeo y Julieta No.3 Cold this cigar gives off a light, pleasant aroma and although not perfectly constructed is still quite attractive. The wrapper is oily and an appealing caramel in colour. The foot was clipped using a CC Cutter and the foot then torched. The initial puff of the cigar offered a satisfying, subtle spiciness amongst mainly sweet and nutty flavours. During the second third the No.3 is at its best as dark chocolate tones become apparent. The balance of this hermoso no.3 is immaculate. For the final third the subtle spiciness becomes more noticeable as the strength increases. Even though it felt fully packed the draw was effortless and the burn flawless. The long clinging ash was solid with its colour contrasting from a stark white to a dark grey.

The Romeo y Julieta No.3 deserves the reputation and acclaim it has gained over the years. It’s a complex, multi-dimensional cigar and its consistency is almost second to none. We score it a worthy 8.5/10.

Enjoy it here

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