Cabinet Box of 25 Medio Siglo cigars (4 x 52)

Full Body Cohiba Cigars

A 2016 release. Current available. Released late-2016.
As part of Cohiba’s 50th-anniversary celebrations last year, a new vitola was introduced to their La Linea 1492 range called Medio Siglo.
Medio Siglo (translating to half century) is the first new vitola to join the Siglo series since the addition of the Siglo VI in 2002.
The Medio Siglo carries the girth of a Siglo VI (52) and the length of a Siglo I (4″ /102mm). With these two hugely popular vitolas joining forces, the Medio Siglo is sure to be a great success..


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Cohiba Medio Siglo
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